Execution Data Logs of Euler Supercomputer

Published: 22-11-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8bg3jkpgzp.1
Manuel Aurelio Rodríguez-Pascual,
Antonio Juan Rubio-Montero,
José Antonio Moríñigo,


This dataset contains over nine years worth of accounting records from the Euler supercomputer located at CIEMAT (Centre for Energy, Environment, and Technology Research) in Madrid, Spain. It reflects the full operation period of this machine, spanning the period between November 2008 and March 2018. The Euler database follows the version 2.2 of the Parallel Workload Archive format. This data are (up to the author’s knowledge) the largest publicly available full workload dataset of a supercomputer already structured, making it more easy for system users and developers to inspect the data. Euler cluster database comprises a rich source of information regarding scientific users’ behavior at computing. The data is of value within the context of helping to better size the next HPC generation of supercomputers and to attain a high, steady resource occupation and the best revenue of the funding in terms of scientific results. Data is also useful for system administrators and developers of HPC-related, mostly those involved in developing new algorithms for job scheduling, fault tolerance and minimization of energy consumption, just to mention a few. Additionally, this data allow the HPC community to carry out new research on topics such as artificial intelligence methodologies applied to supercomputing, test of resource manager simulators for clusters, etc.