Android Based Instant Messaging Application Using Firebase (SANDESH)

Published: 9 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8bp5j2nhdk.1
Daksh Daksh


This paper is devoted to exploring the way how the mobile instant messaging Sandesh is deployed to further improve the quality the swotting of a second or foreign lang. Therefore, this study set out to investigate the actual studies related to Sandesh and lang.swotting published in peer-reviewed journals. Thirty-seven studies were selected after a four-phase article identification procedure and a systematic review was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of Sandesh on lang.swotting. The research focused on the keywords, sample sizes, participants, data sets, duration, and lang.swotting benefits of the studies. The results have shown that Sandesh has been used diversely in lang.swotting. The studies found evidence that Sandesh can be used to improve the four lang. skills (i.e. reading, listening, writing, and speaking), coherentlang. skills, and vocabulary. Moreover, Sandesh was found to be effective in increasing motivation and lang. attitudes, furthering learner autonomy, increasing interactivity, and lowering lang. anxiety. The study also provided future research directions and recommendations for practice concerning how to appropriately employ mobile instant messaging in lang.swotting. The broad objective of the study is to examine Uses & Gratifications of theSandesh among youth. The objective of our research is a)To study the usage of Sandesh among Youths, b)To know what motivates them to use Sandesh, c)To explore whether Sandesh fulfills their needs of maintainingtheir social relationships, d)To find out whether Sandesh fulfills their expectations. The mobile tech. has been used by educators to comply with the demands and challenges of a worldwide competitive society. The apps of these devices are reckoned to liberate their users from spatial- and temporal as well as time-related restrictions (Gourova, Asenova, & Dulev, 2013). In addition, these apps provide learners with chance for self-swotting and they can be used in and outside the classroom for practicing a foreign lang.. A growing body of research has recognized the important role of mobile technologies for efficient swotting. In lang.swotting, mobile swotting took the form of mobile-assisted lang.swotting(MALL). There is evidence in the literature that MALL has a great value for swotting separately (Bull & Reid, 2004) and collaboratively (Hine, Rentoul, & Specht, 2004; Rambe & Chipunza, 2013). Mobile instant messaging (MIM) services are also commonly used by learners and teachers under MALL as theyhelp further individual swotting experiences.



Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology