Video and Texting Dataset Pre and During COVID

Published: 28 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8c2nb54rwh.1
Lee Taber


The hypothesis is that people from different groups (students and information workers) and different periods (pre- and during the COVID-19 epidemic), will have different self-presentations on media, specifically video calls and texting. Self-presentation is measured by Big-5 Personality traits as collected through a survey in the dataset. Participants were gathered through Mechanical Turk or a student sample. Study 1 contains the raw data from the first study. We switched which personality survey (BFI 44 question to BFI-2 60 question) used between study 1 and studies 2/3, so the trait means have been added to the overall file titled "Text-Video Working From Home", containing the raw data from studies 2 and 3. To compare using SPSS, you can use media as a within-subjects factor and group as a between-subjects factor to see how self-presentation differs between media and time.



University of California Santa Cruz


Psychology, Digital Media