Portrayal Characters in Historical Drama: An Analytical and Critical Study

Published: 11 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8ck8xy64gn.1
Abdallah Adway


This study seeks to research the portrayal of the historical characters in historical drama, to understand how the Arab and Islamic historical drama deals with these characters through its artistic and dramatic treatments. It aims to explore how historical characters are portrayed as well as to discover the formation of mental images about them in the historical drama that deals with sensitive characters on the religious and social levels. The study used the descriptive-analytical method to understand and criticism the reality of historical drama. The study concluded that the historical drama should choose suitable actors whose dramatic background suits historical characters with social and religious sensitivity, such as the characters of the Sahaba and scholars. The dramatic aspect and the performance should not be the only consideration as this is reflected on the mental images that the viewers have about the historical character, so the viewer will see the historical character in the image of the actor whenever they see him/her in another series or movie, hence we must stress the importance of paying attention to the simulation of historical legal characters, and not leaving it up to the discretion of drama producers. Also, portraying the characters requires a link between the historical legacy of the character represented and simulating them and relying on correct information in the dialogue, on the other hand, However, in the absence of it, it is possible to rely on some correct information and maintain a positive image of the character in what depends on the imagination of drama in which sensitive characters are not represented.


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Journal of Afaque Cinemaia, 8(3), 284-297.


Communication, Drama (Theatre)