FEMSIM+HRMC: Simulation of and Structural Refinement using Fluctuation Electron Microscopy for Amorphous Materials

Published: 6 January 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8dt6jvtjpf.1
Jason Maldonis,
Jinwoo Hwang,
Paul M. Voyles


FEMSIM, a Fortran code, is used to simulate the fluctuation electron microscopy signal, the variance, V(k), from a model atomic structure. FEMSIM has been incorporated into a hybrid-reverse Monte Carlo code that combines an embedded atom or Finnis–Sinclair potential with the deviation between simulated and experimental V(k) data to refine an atomic model with structure constrained by both the potential and experimental data. The resulting models have experimentally-derived medium-range order.



Natural Sciences