Somatic hypermutation in adult and aged mice

Published: 29 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8f2xx4rxh9.1
, Robert Maul,


Somatic hypermutation sequences associate with the manuscript "Estradiol Mediates Greater Germinal Center Responses to Influenza Vaccination in Female than Male Mice" currently in press at mBio. Data include JH4-intron sequencing from aged male and female mice and adult male and female mice after vaccination and boosting with Flu antigen. Sequences were trimmed to remove primer sequence and contain a small fragment of the FW3 of the IgH V1 family in mice and end ~500 bp downstream of JH4. Sequences were isolated from germinal center B cells (CD19+CD38-GL7+), amplified by nested PCR, and sanger sequenced.



National Institute on Aging, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health


DNA Sequencing