Published: 1 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8f5mvdgk2x.1
Mateus Messinger


Application of the Sydney Melancholia Prototype Index (SMPI) in a Brazilian sample of depressive outpatients


Steps to reproduce

This is a SPSS analysis of psychometric properties of SMPI. Data were compared using kappa and t-tests. Please follow this indications: Syntax validation SMPI file: SMPIDesc_bin: 1st evaluation of SMPI-CR - answer 1 = melancholia SIMPPDesc_bin: 1st evaluation of SMPI-SR - answer 1 = melancholia C. melancólicas: DSM-IV melancholia specifier SomaHAM6: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 6 Items results SomaHAM17: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 17 Items results SomaCORE18: Core System, quantitative analysis SomaCORE18_bin: Core System, binary analysis - cutoff >=8 Syntax retest SMPI file SMPIDesc_bin: 1st evaluation of SMPI-CR SMPI2Desc_bin: 2nd evaluation of SMPI-CR (retest) SMPPDesc_bin: 1st evaluation of SMPI-SR SMP2PDesc_bin: 2nd evaluation of SMPI-SR (retest)


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


Clinical Psychiatry, Psychometric Testing