Data availability for the work entitled "An optimization method based on the evolutionary and topology approaches to reduce the mass of composite wind turbine blades".

Published: 1 July 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8f672xbm56.2
Alejandro Albanesi


OpenFAST files to compute the aerodynamic loads on the wind turbine blade. Includes airfoil data, blade chord and twist distribution, and configuration files. All of these files are compressed in "zip" format. The finite element solutions (displacement vector, and director vector position) of all the wind turbine blade models are given in ParaView "vtu" format. FEM stands for classical direct finite elements, and IFEM for the inverse finite element method. REF is the reference wind turbine blade, GA is the blade with the optimized shell skin determined with FEM and Genetic Algorithms, and VFXX is the blade with the optimized shear webs via topology optimization (where XX defines the material volume ratio between the optimized material volume and the original material volume in the web). All of the FEM solutions are computed in the extreme load scenario. The IFEM solution is the manufacturing shape of the blade such that the blade exactly attains the prescribed optimal aerodynamic shape under the normal load scenario.



Constrained Optimization, Composite Fabrics, Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine, Structural Finite Element