Turkish Dataset for Identification of Author Gender

Published: 06-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8f93rjhgjk.1
Pınar Tüfekci


The IAG-TNKU Dataset is a large collection of Turkish news articles that can be used in different Turkish Text Classification NLP tasks such as Identification of Author Gender In Turkish News. The text data belong to 32 female and 38 male authors, has been extracted from the archive of a newspaper (www.hurriyet.com.tr) for the interval 08.11.1997 and 24.04.2019. The dataset divided into males and females in a balanced way consists of a total of 43.292 articles. How to use the IAG-TNKU Dataset: ___________ 1. Unzip compressed resources. 2. There are two folder (Females and Males) 3. Each folder contains a set of article files in .txt formatted corresponding to its category.