Database of influencers' tweets in cryptocurrency (2021-2022).

Published: 28 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8fbdhh72gs.1
kia jahanbin,
Fereshte Rahmanian


Authors, through Twitter API, collected this database over eight months. These data are tweets of over 50 experts regarding market analysis of 40 cryptocurrencies. These experts are known as influencers on social networks such as Twitter. The theory of Behavioral economics shows that the opinions of people, especially experts, can impact the stock market trend (here, cryptocurrencies). Existing databases often cover tweets related to one or more cryptocurrencies. Also, in these databases, no attention is paid to the user's expertise, and most of the data is extracted using hashtags. Failure to pay attention to the user's expertise causes the irrelevant volume to increase and the neutral polarity considerably. This database has a main table named "Tweets1" with 11 columns and 40 tables to separate comments related to each cryptocurrency. The columns of the main table and the cryptocurrency tables are explained in the attached document. Researchers can use this dataset in various machine learning tasks, such as sentiment analysis and deep transfer learning with sentiment analysis. Also, this data can be used to check the impact of influencers' opinions on the cryptocurrency market trend. The use of this database is allowed by mentioning the source.



Yazd University


Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Cryptocurrency