Experiment: Reference, information about validity and the perception of personnel selection methods

Published: 20 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8ggdkdp46r.1
Jakub Prochazka,
Jakub Nováček,


The study was an online administered between-subjects experiment. The online survey was completed by 174 Czech HR professionals who were recruited through Linkedin. Dependent variables: Participants assessed the suitability and quality of 6 personnel selection methods. Treatments: One of four randomly selected versions of the survey appeared. These versions differed in the presence or absence of a positive reference (to companies that use the method) and the presence or absence of information on the predictive validity of the selection methods. Control variables: The participants were asked whether they were familiar with each of the methods before completing the survey.



Masarykova univerzita


Human Resource Management, Czech Republic, Employee Selection