Data for: Plasma diamine oxidase activity decline with diarrhea severity in calves indicating systemic dysfunction related to intestinal mucosal damage

Published: 1 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8h3jzf2t78.1
Kenji Tsukano, kazuyuki Suzuki, Hiroki Nakatsuji, Tatsuya Fukuda


A total of 50 Holstein calves were enrolled. Thirty-six of the 50 calves presented diarrhea and were sub-classified by severity based on fecal status (0: firm, 1: pasty, 2: loose, and 3: watery) and blood pH (acidemia: blood pH <7.25) as follows: Seventeen calves exhibiting watery diarrhea and/or fall into acidemia were sub-categorized into the severe group. The other nineteen calves exhibiting pasty or loose diarrhea and not fall into acidemia were sub-categorized into the moderate group. The remaining 14 calves without diarrhea were assigned to the control group.



Internal Medicine