Extensive COVID-19 X-Ray and CT Chest Images Dataset

Published: 12 June 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/8h65ywd2jr.3
Walid El-Shafai,
Fathi Abd El-Samie


This COVID-19 dataset consists of Non-COVID and COVID cases of both X-ray and CT images. The associated dataset is augmented with different augmentation techniques to generate about 17099 X-ray and CT images. The dataset contains two main folders, one for the X-ray images, which includes two separate sub-folders of 5500 Non-COVID images and 4044 COVID images. The other folder contains the CT images. It includes two separate sub-folders of 2628 Non-COVID images and 5427 COVID images.



Menoufia University


Radiology, Diagnosis, Medical Care, Image Classification, Detection System, Viral Pneumonia, Medical Image Processing, Chest Radiology, COVID-19