Experimental datasets of the three-tier fog computing based gateway node for smart home automation applications

Published: 21 September 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8j3wnn5dcc.2
Kaiser Habib,


Smart home automation application demands efficient energy management to limit the unnecessary power consumption of home appliances while maintaining maximum occupant comfort. Three-tier fog computing-based gateway node at the network edge can provide wireless solutions on real-time remote supervision, aggregated data management with cloud platforms, and autonomous home apparatus controlling to limit unnecessary energy consumption at reduced network traffic and low latency. Historical data need to gather through a series of experimental analyses to investigate the performance of such gateway nodes in various aspects. Such as investigating platform load profiles like current and power consumption measurements, platform resource utilization as CPU and network bandwidth usage, and the response time requirement analysis. Measurements were carried out by deploying the gateway in Intel NUC, and RPi 3B+ platform under three test case scenarios. The corresponding raw data measurement has been recorded and reported in this dataset. @ Dataset Summery: 1. RF Network Performance: Raw data of the received data packet, and RSSI in dBm of the Gateway Node. 2. Current Consumption: Current consumption measurements in ampere (A) of the RPi deployed Gateway Node. 3. Power Consumption: Power Consumption measurements in watts (W) of the RPi and NUC deployed Gateway Node. 4. Historic CPU Temperature: Raw data of the Historical CPU Temperature measurements in Celsius (°C) of the RPi deployed Gateway Node. 5. Historic Network Utilization: Historical Network Bandwidth Utilization measurements in megabyte per seconds (MB/s) of the RPi and NUC Gateway Node. 6. CPU Consumption: Percentage of platform CPU Consumption measurements of the RPi and NUC deployed Gateway Node. 7. Response Time Analysis: ThingSpeak and ThingsSentral cloud Response Time measurements of the RPi and NUC deployed Gateway web requests.



Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Experimental Design, Data Communication, Experiential Learning