Unprocessed data for m6A-IGF2BP3 axis that regulates mRNA partitioning

Published: 15 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8j9bnwrtx4.1


In the cytoplasm, mRNAs are dynamically partitioned into translating and non-translating pools, but the mechanism for this regulation has largely remained elusive. Here, we report that m6A regulates mRNA partitioning between polysome and P-body where a pool of non-translating mRNAs resides. By quantifying the m6A level of polysomal and cytoplasmic mRNAs with m6A-LAIC-seq and m6A-LC-MS/MS in HeLa cells, we observed that polysome-associated mRNAs are hypo-m6A-methylated while those enriched in P-body are hyper-m6A-methylated. Down-regulation of the m6A writer METTL14 enhanced translation by switching originally hyper-m6A-modified mRNAs from P-body to polysome. Conversely, by proteomic analysis, we identified a specific m6A reader IGF2BP3 enriched in P-body, and via knockdown and molecular tethering assays, we demonstrated that IGF2BP3 was both necessary and sufficient to switch target mRNAs from polysome to P-body. These findings suggest a model for the dynamic regulation of mRNA partitioning between the translating and non-translating pools in an m6A-dependent manner.



Wuhan University


Molecular Biology, RNA Sequencing, RNA Methylation