Roe deer and muntjac Density Surface Model dataset

Published: 6 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8j9sndncfr.1
Valentina Zini,


This dataset consists of roe deer and muntjac distance sampling data collected in Thetford forest in 2018. Roe deer andmuntjac distance sampling data file are to be used to calculate detection function and are in "flatfile format", as described in R package "Distance". Localities data are used to performed density surface model analysis, so they part of the file is set up in the standard format to be able to run density surface models as described in the R package "dsm". An extra series of columns in the dataset indicate the proportion of arable land extracted from a buffer built around the trasenct segment with buffer radii ranging from 100m to 700m (at 50m step increment). These columns are named "Arable_" plus the buffer radius. Similarly, columns indicating recreational activity extracted around cull locations (100-700m buffer radius at 50m steps increments) are labelled "Recreational_" plus the buffer radius. Further columns indicate proportion of calcareous soil (Calcareous_), young stands (YoungS_), mature stands (MatureS_) and grasslands (Grasslands_).



University of East Anglia


Animal Ecology