Survey Data on Place Attachment in Core Areas of Nigerian Cities: A case in Oke-Foko, Ibadan

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8jyz7pzx25.2
Bukola Adewale


The dataset relates to data collected from a community, Oke-Foko, in the core area of Ibadan, Nigeria. Oke-Foko community covers Wards 5, 6 and 7 of Ibadan Southwest local government. The dataset was a primary data collected through field survey using quantitative source. The quantitative source involved the use of open-ended and close-ended questionnaires. The questions were measured numerically on an interval scale. It involved variables measuring the socio-economic characteristics of residents, their degree of attachment to their residents, their degree of satisfaction with their housing unit features, housing unit support facilities and neighbourhood features. Their perception about the degree of adequacy of security of lives and properties was also investigated. Furthermore, the presence of home-based enterprise was also investigated. Also, the dimensions of place attachment using variables that measure attachment to homes got from literature on attachment and the predictors of place attachment were investigated. Data on socio-economic data were derived from the residents, represented by 1200 housing unit heads, and they were analysed with descriptive statistical tools such as frequencies and percentages, and were presented using tables and figures. Data on dimensions of place attachment were analysed with Principal Component Analysis (PCA) with Varimax rotation method. Categorical regression analysis with optimal scaling was used to analyse the predictors of place attachment. All these data analyses are found in [1]. The dataset could be used to investigate the responses of residents of other core area communities in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan cities. The dataset is derived from the case study of a community in Ibadan, which has all the characteristics of historic core area. Therefore, the results could be generalized to other Yoruba towns. The data could be used to measure Place Attachment in communities in other core areas of Nigeria cities. It is useful for measuring the relationship between Place attachment and satisfaction.


Steps to reproduce

Data were acquired through Survey research design. A questionnaire with close-ended questions was used to elicit information from residents of Oke-Foko in Ibadan southwest local government Ibadan, Nigeria. The data were collected from some of the household heads, who were resident at Oke-Foko in June 2013. Precisely, one household head from every housing unit selected was used as sample. Data were collected from the three wards of Oke-Foko. The units of data collection was 1200 household heads or their representatives from wards 5 (747 houses), 6 (387 houses) and 7 (66 houses).


Covenant University


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