satureja eo 1345

Published: 24 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8khzf43hfb.1
Borzou Yousefi,


To investigate the quantitative and qualitative changes of essential oil in creeping savory in different treatments of organic fertilizer and different culture densities in dryland conditions, experimental conditions were performed. Data were gathered in a split plot experiment with three fertilizer and three densities in 3 replications and 2 years, during the 2016-2018 crop years under rainfed conditions. Satureja spicigera seedlings planted at Mehregan Research Station of Kermanshah, Iran. After 50% flowering, savory plants were collected, dried and weighed for EO extraction. EO extracted by water distillation using Clevenger system according to British Pharmacopoeia (1993). Chemical compounds of EO identified by GC and GC/MS. Data were analyzed SPSS (ver.16) software.



Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization


Essential Oil, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants