Dataset on Buy-Now-Pay-Later Adoption

Published: 4 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8kj2rn7m9x.1
Chandan Behera


This data contains the survey responses collected from 226 shoppers to understand their intention to adopt Buy Now Pay Later


Steps to reproduce

Following the principle of convenience sampling, 14 Ph.D. were chosen to review and verify the accuracy of the questionnaire transcription. This study surveyed 226 valid responses from young shoppers who are the target users of BNPL. G*power v3.1.9.4 software was used to calculate sample size, assuming a sample size power (Faul et al., 2009), considering 0.95 statistical power and 0.15 as effect size. The outcome indicated that a minimum sample size of 196 was necessary for the study. Therefore, the 226 valid responses collected in this study represent a well-defined sample size for testing the research model. The measurement items used in this study were derived from prior research on technology adoption literature.


Indian Institute of Management Lucknow


Consumer Marketing