Empathy in Bulgarian healthcare professionals during the coronavirus pandemic

Published: 26 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8kj87624sw.1
Stanislava Stoyanova,


Data were collected during the coronavirus pandemic in November-December 2020 and January-February 2021 among 296 Bulgarian healthcare workers using: * Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) (Davis, 1980); * a single-item scale regarding the degree of perceived threat of coronavirus - as a threat to oneself, to own relatives and friends, to other people - known and unknown, citizens of the country or foreigners, on a scale from 0 - not a threat at all to 6 - a major threat (Mihaylova et al., 2021);. * two questions about the presence of some difficulties in work and in getting along with other people over the last two weeks answered on a 4-point scale from 0 - not difficult at all, to 3 – extremely difficult (Spitzer et al., 2006). * some socio-demographic data from the participants in the study were also collected - gender, age, presence or lack of intimate partner and of children, as well as the size of place of practice (small town of up to 25,000 inhabitants, medium-sized city of 25,000 to 50,000 inhabitants, large city of over 50,000 inhabitants, or the capital). Data were stored using JASP 0.14 software (JASP Team, 2020). References Davis, M. H. (1980). A multidimensional approach to individual differences in empathy. JSAS Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology, 10, 85-104. JASP Team. (2020). JASP (Version 0.14) [Computer software]. https://jasp-stats.org/faq/ Mihaylova, T., Koychev, A., Stoyanova, S., Dimitrov, T., Todorova, D., & Ivantchev, N. (2021). Generalized anxiety in healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic, Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment, 35(1), 828-838. https://doi.org/10.1080/13102818.2021.1932596 Spitzer, R. L., Kroenke, K., Williams, J. B. W., & Löwe, B. (2006). A brief measure for assessing generalized anxiety disorder: The GAD-7. Archives of Internal Medicine, 166(10), 1092-1097. https://doi.org/10.1001/archinte.166.10.1092