On-orbit Electrical Power System Dataset of 1U CubeSat constellation for Machine Learning Models

Published: 27 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8kp25ycf63.1
Adolfo Jara,


This dataset contains on-orbit data samples of the Electrical Power System (EPS) from 4 different 1U CubeSats belonging to the BIRDS constellation. The EPS is responsible for providing uninterrupted power to the overall satellite both during sunlight and eclipse. The satellites are based on the BIRDS open-source standardized bus designed by Kyutech for research and education. BIRDS bus was used for six satellites that were delivered to International Space Station (ISS) onboard the Cygnus resupply spacecraft launched by Antares rocket and released into ISS orbit (altitude 400 km, inclination: 51.6º, duration: 92.6 min). The dataset contains the data of voltage (mV), current (mA) and temperature (Celsius) of the battery and solar panels attached to 5 sides of the satellite. This data is collected by the onboard computer every 90 seconds in nominal operation or every 10 seconds in fast sampling mode. The data is downloaded from the satellite memory by the ground station operators. The dataset contains one file per satellite, that includes data from solar panels and batteries since their deployment into orbit until the end of its life for the UGUISU, RAAVANA, and NEPALISAT satellites, the first two showing a failure in one of their panels during more than two years of operation on-orbit. The TSURU satellite dataset includes data since its deployment into orbit and will continue to be collected until the end of its life. The dataset generated will be useful for 1U CubeSat, such as BIRDS platform, users and satellite developers by using it as a reference to compare the behaviour of their Electric Power System under different operating scenarios and align their missions according to the available power on-orbit. At the same time, the dataset can help computer science researchers to build and validate new models for fault diagnosis and outlier detection.


Steps to reproduce

The data was acquired from the Electric Power System (EPS) of four different satellites orbiting in Low Earth Orbit with an inclination of 51.6 degrees and a height of 400km or less. Each panel of the satellites has a LMP8640 current sensor to measure current data. The voltages from panels are measured by the AD7490 Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), while the temperature data is measured by a LMT84 temperature sensor. The battery current is measured by the ACS722LLCTR-05AB current sensor, the battery voltage is measured by the ADC of a PIC16F1789 microcontroller, and the battery temperature is measured by a G10K3976 thermistor.


Kyushu Kogyo Daigaku


Machine Learning, Panel Data, Small Satellite