Sustainable Housing Assessment Tool (SHAT): An Indicator Set

Published: 29 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8kvs86k6c4.1
Jakub Adamec


This data file is related to the manuscript "How to measure sustainable housing: A proposal for an indicator-based assessment tool". The data file presents an original indicator set of SHAT (Sustainable Housing Tool Assessment) operationalizing the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing. It consists of 55 proposed indicators, where 11 of them are extended by, in total, 53 dashboard single indicators. The data include proposed indicators' names, description, units, information about sources, initial phenomenons derived from the Geneva Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing and categorization of proposed indicators (sustainability dimensions, sustainable housing components and types of indicators).



Univerzita Karlova


Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Environmental Indicator, Indicator Application, Sustainable Building, Housing, Sustainable Community