Spatially Resolved Hydrogen Demand for Germany in 2030

Published: 29 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8kyxj9khvv.1
Frederik vom Scheidt,


This data set contains estimates for hydrogen demand in 2030, for the sectors steel, ammonia, methanol, refineries, heavy-duty trucks, and passenger cars. Each demand entry includes a location, specified by longitude and latitude. For more information on how this data set was constructed, see vom Scheidt et al. (2021). For heavy-duty truck fueling stations, vom Scheidt et al. (2021) adopt and process location data from Rose and Neumann (2020). Therefore, when using those truck fueling station locations please also reference Rose and Neumann (2020). References: vom Scheidt, F., Qu, J., Staudt, P., Mallapragada, D.S., Weinhardt, C., 2021. "Integrating Hydrogen in Single-Price Electricity Systems: The Effects of Spatial Economic Signals". Energy Policy. Rose, P.K., Neumann, F., 2020. "Hydrogen refueling station networks for heavy-duty vehicles in future power systems". Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.



Steel, Hydrogen Fuel, Hydrogen, Energy Consumption, Refinery Gas Handling, Fuel Cell Applications, Methanol, Ammonia