Published: 4 March 2024| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/8mgb5hp3p9.3


This dataset encompasses a comprehensive collection of information pertaining to websites affiliated with Chinese provinces and various organizations. The data is meticulously organized across several directories, each serving a unique aspect of web domain analysis: domain_txt Directory: Contains text files named after Chinese provinces or organizational names, listing government website URLs. A notable file, "地方所属网站.bak", specifically includes websites affiliated with local entities, distinct from those listed under "国务院部门所属网站.txt" which are associated with central government departments. tls_result Directory: Houses TLS certificate information for each listed website, providing insights into the security protocols and encryption standards employed by these domains. dns_records Directory: Contains DNS records for each domain, offering detailed information on the domain name system configurations that direct internet traffic to the respective websites. nameserver_info Directory: Provides information on nameservers, which play a critical role in the DNS system by translating domain names into IP addresses that can be understood by computers. whois Directory: Stores WHOIS information for each domain, although it is noted that some domains may lack this information. WHOIS records offer essential details about the domain's registration and ownership. nameserver_ip.json: A JSON file recording the IP addresses of all nameservers, facilitating the mapping between nameservers and their physical or virtual locations on the internet. nameserver_ip_analysis_results.json: Stores comprehensive analysis results related to the IP addresses of nameservers, providing deeper insights into the infrastructure supporting these web domains. nslookup_info.json: Contains NSLookup information for each domain, which is crucial for diagnosing DNS resolutions and understanding the pathway from domain names to IP addresses. use_cdn.json: Details information regarding the utilization of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services by the domains. CDNs enhance the performance and speed of web content delivery. total_name_server.json: Records the hostnames of nameservers serving the domains affiliated with the Chinese Government, giving an overview of the DNS infrastructure in place. This dataset offers a rich source of information for analyzing the digital footprint and infrastructure of Chinese Government-affiliated web domains, encompassing security, DNS configurations, and network performance metrics.



Harbin Institute of Technology