Quantitative RNA-seq and TMT-MS circadian timecourse data from Neurospora crassa Wild Type and Delta csp-1 genetic backgrounds.

Published: 29-11-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8mzwdr9sxc.1
Jennifer Hurley


Quantitative data on mRNA/protein from A) the raw WT proteome levels, B) the imputed WT proteome levels, C) the eJTK WT proteome scores, D) the raw WT mRNA levels, E) the imputed WT mRNA levels, F) the eJTK WT mRNA scores, G) the raw ∆csp-1 proteome levels, H) the imputed ∆csp-1 proteome levels, I) the eJTK ∆csp-1 proteome scores, J) the setup of the TMT-MS 10-plex analyses.