Data for: The effects of long-term drainage and short-term restoration on DOC concentrations and optical properties in the Baijianghe Peatland

Published: 31 October 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8n9ghcf6c4.2


This dataset contains monthly data of DOC and environmental variables for the surface water (drainage ditch and creeks) of the natural, drained, and restored sites along the elevation gradient of the Baijianghe Peatland, northeast China. Specific variables include TDN, NH4+, NO3-, SRP, total dissolved Fe, DOC, E2:E3, E4:E6, SUVA254, and C:C from 2017-2020. Major findings include that drainage consistently decreased DOC concentration and quality compared with the natural area, with larger effects on DOC concentration and quality in the upslope than in the downslope area. Specifically, in the upslope area, the natural site (S1) contained DOC of higher molecular weight, more fulvic contributions, and lower aromaticity, indicated by the lower E2:E3 (larger compounds), higher E4:E6 (more fulvic acid contribution), and lower SUVA254 (less aromatic) than the drained site (S2). These patterns, however, were no longer significant in the downslope area. Restoration, on the other hand, did not cause any significant changes in the DOC quantity or quality.



Northeast Normal University, Nanjing Tech University


Wetlands, Water Quality, Dissolved Organic Carbon