Experimental data of 1 kW lab-scale ORC testbed

Published: 10 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8ncck9946w.1
Jinwoo Oh


The attached file contains 77 data sets acquired from our experimental study on the off-design performance of a 1 kW lab-scale organic Rankine cycle using R245fa as the working fluid. The file has two data sheets: external and internal parameters. The external parameters consists of the boundary conditions of the system, which are initially known or controlled values. The internal parameters are determined by the working fluid adapting in response to the external parameters. Accurately distinguishing the input and output parameters is essential to develop fully deterministic and assumption-free ORC simulation models. *Inputs(10 parameters): Heat source and sink inlet conditions / Rotational speeds of pump and expander / Initial system charged mass / Ambient temperature It is expected that the provided experimental data will be actively used as future research and reference material.


Steps to reproduce

The nominal operating conditions are first determined according to the size, capacity, and design of the components(Diaphragm pump, scroll expander, brazed plate heat exchanger, liquid receiver). Later, parametric studies are conducted by altering each boundary conditions to investigate the off-design performance of the system. Specific information can be referred to the related articles in the links provided.


Applied Mechanics, Waste Heat Recovery System, Low Temperature Operation, Organic Rankine Cycle