Data for: Abundance and composition of kaolinite on Mars: Information from NIR spectra of rocks from acid-alteration environments, Riotinto, SE Spain

Published: 3 May 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8nh8stpxrt.1
Javier Cuadros,
Christian Mavris,
Jose Miguel Nieto,
Saverio Fiore,
Janice Bishop,
Joe Michalski


Files containing: raw data of near-infrared samples from four areas (El Villar, Calañas, Quebrantahuesos, and Tharsis) in the Iberian Pyrite Belt raw data of thermal analysis of the above samples raw data of a survey of near-infrared spectra from Mars (Leighton Crater, Mawrth Vallis and Nili Fossae)