Published: 14 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8p35pthpb8.1
Franz Ehm


Results files summarizing the solutions of the test instances used in "Scheduling and process planning for the dismantling shop with flexible disassembly mode and recovery level" submitted to: Computers & Industrial Engineering (2022). Instances are publicly availabe under: DOI:10.17632/jtkgz3yfzg.1. The solutions were obtained from: a, Mathematical programming using the epsilon-constraint-method, for each instance, ".txt" files list objective values found in each epsilon-step and additional information on the solution process (e.g. Gap). b, Multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA), ".csv" files list elite objective values and additional information on the solution process after termination of the algorithm for all runs and instances. The notation is as follows: n ... number of jobs/products m ... number of machines/stations p ... precedence degree i.e. probability that a tuple of joint detachment operations is constrained by a directed precedence relation (higher p corresponds to tighter precedence restriction) k ... range for the number of single components or parts a product is composed of



Combinatorial Optimization, Job Shop Scheduling, Remanufacturing