Data for: Value of Dedicated Research Time for IMGs in Obtaining Surgical Residency Training Positions: A Ten-Year Review of Applicants from a Medical College in Pakistan

Published: 8 August 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8p395g6ns2.1
Mohammad Raheel Jajja, Marvi Tariq, Rashida Ahmed, Salila Shoaib Hashmi, Thomas Dodson


This data from 2008-2017 was collated from information provided voluntarily by medical graduates at the AKU, Medical College yearly at the end of each match cycle. This data is compiled into predefined ‘Match Lists” at the end of each match season by AKU alumni. These lists are comprehensively vetted before being disseminated to alumni and current students. A record of all these lists can be publicly found on AKUNET (previously AKUTopica) forums as well as on the AKU alumni website . In addition, data from these lists was vetted by directly contacting the included individuals where possible. This dataset contains the General Surgery NRMP Match Outcomes in terms of preliminary and categorical spots secured by the graduates. It also mentions if the graduates pursued dedicated research prior to the Match. Where available, details of the programs where successful candidates matched are also mentioned.



Research Experience, General Surgery, Residency Programs