Bangladesh Agricultural Datasets

Published: 29 December 2021| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/8pvfs5wyzf.5


We have collected the crop transplanting time data, harvesting time data and temperature data based on crop transplanting data from the yearbook of Agriculture Statistics Bangladesh 2020 . After that we have collected crop season data based on crop transplantation time data from the Bangladesh Perspective Agricultural Crop Seasons Article. We then pre-process and aggregate all the data into a complete data set. This dataset contains information on 33 crops of Kharif 1 season, 22 crops of Rabi season and 48 crops of Kharif 2. In all, our dataset contains information on a total of 104 Bangladeshi crops. After that we analyzed our raw data through different types of algorithm.



Notre Dame University Bangladesh


Bangladesh, Precision Agriculture