Hyperspectral data for PRISMA L1 and L2D validation over snow

Published: 8 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8pzk3f484z.1
Biagio Di Mauro


This dataset has been used in the manuscript titled "Evaluation of PRISMA products over snow in the Alps and Antarctica". It contains radiance and reflectance data collected in the field at three sites: two in the Western European Alps (Torgnon and Plateau Rosa) and one in East Antarctica (Nansen Ice Shelf). Those data have been used to validate PRISMA Level 1 (L1) and Level 2 (L2D) products for different snow conditions. PRISMA is a hyperspectral satellite mission launched by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in April 2019. The mission is designed to collect data at global scale for a variety of applications, including those related to the cryosphere. PRISMA data were acquired contemporary to both field measurements and Sentinel-2 data. Simulated Top of the Atmosphere (TOA) radiance data were then compared to L1 PRISMA and Sentinel-2 TOA radiance. Bottom Of Atmosphere (BOA) reflectance from PRISMA L2D and Sentinel-2 L2A data were then evaluated by direct comparison with field data. The dataset contains also the Mean Absolute Difference (MAD) calculated for each comparison between field and satellite data.



Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, Surface Reflectance, Snow


Agenzia Spaziale Italiana