Data for: Modelling the 14C bomb-pulse in young speleothems using a soil carbon continuum model.

Published: 24 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8rbgcpff2m.1
Monika Markowska


Yarrangobilly (stalagmites HW-S1, HW-S2 and HW_38b), Wellington (stalagmites WB and WC)and Golgotha Cave (stalagmites GL-S1, GL-S2 and GL-S4) 14Cspel. measurements and age estimation. From tip refers to the distance from the tip of stalagmite and mid-point refers to the average between the top and bottom sampling increment (mm). * The value of d13C is assumed and based on the mean measured d13C of the other samples. A measured value was not available. The error refers to the analytical error of 14C analysis. Distance from tip (DFT) measurements with a * indicated represent a calculated F14C used to estimate the IP see section 3.2.1. MID represents the mid-point of the sample relative to DFT. ‘Uncert. SI’ and is the equivalent to the uncertainty of one sample. The total chronological uncertainty estimates from the sampling interval (SI) and the variable growth rate (VGR) is shown in the ‘Total error (y)’ column.



Isotope Geochemistry