Data for: Emergence of the consonance pattern within synaptic weights of a neural network featuring Hebbian neuroplasticity

Published: 16 November 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8rmsfy6y67.2
Toso Pankovski, Eva Pankovska


Visual Studio 2015 (free edition) c# programming code used to compare the produced patterns resulting from all the possible spectral distributions of the input stimuli, across the whole auditory spectrum, within the following chosen precision: Inter-band frequency distance of one semi-tone; Six and seven spectral components,f0, 2f0, 3f0, 4f0, 5f0, 6f0 and 7f0, where the base component f0 was always assumed to have the biggest magnitude (a value of one, in relative units); The results are produced by considering all the possible magnitudes for each spectral component, selected from a discrete range of (relative) values between zero and one, with 11 (for the case with 6 and 7 harmonics) and 21 (for the case with 6 harmonics) discrete values within the said range;



Computational Neuroscience