OTSLM toolbox for Structured Light Methods

Published: 28 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8sc66m9r7s.1


We present a new Matlab toolbox for generating phase and amplitude patterns for digital micro-mirror device (DMD) and liquid crystal (LC) based spatial light modulators (SLMs). This toolbox consists of a collection of algorithms commonly used for generating patterns for these devices with a focus on optical tweezers beam shaping applications. In addition to the algorithms provided, we have put together a range of user interfaces for simplifying the use of these patterns. The toolbox currently has functionality to generate patterns which can be saved as a image or displayed on a device/screen using the supplied interface. We have only implemented interfaces for the devices our group currently uses but we believe that extending the code we provide to other devices should be fairly straightforward. The range of algorithms included in the toolbox is not exhaustive. However, by making the toolbox open sources and available on GitHub we hope that other researchers working with these devices will contribute their patterns/algorithms to the toolbox.



Computational Physics, Optical Tweezer, Structured Light