Rodrigues Island Basemap Data

Published: 13 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8sfzmkg7bp.1
Janique Savy


Access to accurate, current, and precise geographic data are increasingly becoming important. However, required geographic data are often either not available, or not of sufficient quality. Numerous remote sensing techniques are available to users to derive data for a given area. However, these techniques are not always done with a known accuracy rate in mind. Similarly, geospatial methods are not always evaluated for accuracy and precision. Often each method relies on numerous other methods to be completed, introducing errors at any stage. As such, error propagation can become problematic if not accounted for. Aim was at testing the suitability of a combination of open and free methods employed throughout to provide users with geospatial dataset at a known accuracy and scale for an area where the creation of such a dataset would be difficult to obtain due to its general inaccessible geographic location. The data includes all components of a comprehensive basemap, these symbolized basemaps have also been included within this upload. The data is made avialable as feature classes within a file geodatabase which can be opened within a GIS based software.



University of Pretoria, University of Mauritius


Remote Sensing, Cartography, Data Mapping, Spatial Data Modeling