CCPP Dataset_fred_2021.Cleaned

Published: 30 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8sn5vtxftt.1


CCPP Dataset is a household survey data collected in late the year 2020 from two Counties of Taita Taveta and Kajiado from agro pastoralists. A sample of 342 households were cleaned to enable multidisciplinary researchers to use for analysis. The overall objective of this study assess farmers knowledge on CCPP disease and to comprehensively evaluate the adoption and impacts of the current CCPP vaccine on household food security and poverty status as well as assessing farmers willingness to pay for both current and improved CCPP vaccine. The dataset has a clearly defined variables in English that any researcher can now use at ease.


Steps to reproduce

Multiple sampling techniques was used to obtain the data by interviewing household heads or spouses. Target sample size was 323 households but we managed to get information from more. Some data were discarded due to incompleteness. Out of 342 households data collected 309 were aware of the disease (Responded 'yes'). We used multivariate probit model to analyse agro pastoralists’ awareness and knowledge of CCPP disease. The disease is identified by six major signs and symptoms and respondents who were aware of the disease were tested on these six signs and symptoms (‘yes’ or ‘no’). Our results show that (309) 90% of total respondents were aware of CCPP disease but its knowledge on signs and symptoms were determined by agro pastoralists’ socioeconomic, farm and institutional factors these variables are known to any scientist and you can use the model appropriately to get the result.


Kenyatta University


Agricultural Economics