Data for: The P/NiFe Doped NiMoO4 Micro-pillars Arrays for Highly Active and Durable Hydrogen/Oxygen Evolution Reaction towards Overall Water Splitting

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8sshpj9x38.1
Yang Tang


This dateset contains the original images of SEM, TEM and HRTEM, and also the projects of processed date of electrochemical experiments which are used in our manuscript and surpporting information. This manuscript reports an effective strategy to fabricate low-cost and high performance HER and OER electrodes using two facile methods on the same substrate for energy-saving overall water splitting. The urchin-like NiMoO4 MPAs substrate were modified through heteroatoms doping by simple phosphating, and hierarchical nanostructure engineering by electrodeposition. Due to the electronic and nanostructure modification, the P-doped and NiFe(OH)x NSs decorated NiMoO4/NF display low overpotential, small Rct, small Tafel slope and great stability towards HER and OER, respectively. The water splitting device using NiFe/NiMoO4/NF as anode and NiMoO4-P/NF as cathode only requires very low cell voltages of 1.47 V@10 mA cm-2 for 100 h and 1.66 V@100 mA cm-2 for 50 h without decay during the durability tests. We believe our paper will be of particular interest to the readers of International Journal of Hydrogen Energy as it offers highly efficient generation of hydrogen based on the highly active HER/OER electrode with facile heteroatoms doping and nanostructure engineering.



Electrocatalysis, Nanostructure, Water Splitting, Hydrogen Evolution, Oxygen Evolution