Ferroelectric energy harvest and storage cell - II

Published: 25 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8swynw7ybt.1


It is estimated that 71% of the energy generated for transportation is wasted, 66% is wasted in electricity, 20% is wasted in commercial and residential buildings, and 20% is wasted in industry or manufacturing. This wasted energy is primarily in the form of heat. Several solutions have been attempted and implemented to harvest the wasted heat such as those based on Thermoelectrics (TEs), Pyroelectrics (PEs), and Ferroelectrics (FEs). Nonetheless, the FEs are the most efficient active materials in devices working under the thermoelectric and pyroelectric principles. Herein, we show self-charge while discharging with a load. We point out that even if there is a gradient effect while using an air or argon blower, the same effect is observed at a constant temperature.



Universidade do Porto


Electrical Energy Storage, Ferroelectric Material, Unconventional Energy Harvesting