Data for: Coexistence of five checkerspots (Melitaea Fabricius, 1807) on xeric grasslands of the Podyji National Park, Czech Republic: Prior to refaunation by wild horses.

Published: 4 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8t7bb4m7yc.1
Martin Konvička, Alena Bartonova, Veronika Vodickova, Jan Kollross, Pavel Potocky, Pavel Vrba, Stanislav Grill


Excel file containing 12 separate sheets, presenting the following, left to right Sheets 1-8: Adult butterflies mark-release-recapture data, filtered by species x sites and prepared in 1/0 format for program MARK [2]. M. athalia, site H ( = Havraníky) M. athalia, site M (= Mašovice) M. aurelia, site M M. britomartis, site M M. didyma, site H M. didyma, site M M. cinxia, site H M. cinxia, site M Sheet 9: Mobility data, filtered and processed. For each individual recaptured at least once, total flight distance (= TFD, distances summed across consecutive capture points), longest single move and mean flight distance (= TFD / number of captures) is presented, together with number of captures and number of hours elapsed between the first and last capture. Sheet 10: Wing wear data for all species, collated across both sites, but split into sexes. Independently of individual codes, these are wing wear values of each individual handled with date of capture, and consecutive capture day related of Day 1 of capture of that particular species/sex. Sheet 11: Adults habitat use, 20 m buffers. GIS-digitised points of each handling event for all five species, split into sexes, with geography coordinates and land uses / land covers descriptions of 20-m diameter buffers around each capture point. Format for the multivariate analyses program CANOCO [3]. Sheet 11: Adults habitat use, 50 m buffers. As above, but larger buffers around each capture point. Sheet 12: Larval habitats of Melitaea aurelia and M. britomartis. 5-m diameter buffers around randomly set (n = 105) and pre-selected according to prior occurrence of ovipositing females (n = 40) points withing the localities.



Entomology, Nature Conservation, Animal Ecology