Published: 27-11-2017| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/8ttd68825b.5
joao marques


The zip files has the analysis code that: detect bouts and half beats, calculate kinematic parameters a categorize the bouts into 13 types using K nearest neighbour. Inside, use Matlab to open and run this script: FreeyMovingBehaviourAnalysis\FreelyMovingBehaviorAnalysis_14_forPaper\makeBoutFiles\freelyMovingKinAnalysisWithBoutCat_31.m It will open a user interface where the user should pick the folder where a behavioural file is (mat file). We provide an example inside the zip file: FreeyMovingBehaviourAnalysis\matFileToUpload\ After the user should click in this folder and the analysis will produce a "bout file" with all the information inside.