LieART 2.0 – A Mathematica application for Lie Algebras and Representation Theory

Published: 14 August 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8vm7j67bwt.1


We present LieART 2.0 which contains substantial extensions to the Mathematica application LieART (Lie Algebras and Representation Theory) for computations frequently encountered in Lie algebras and representation theory, such as tensor product decomposition and subalgebra branching of irreducible representations. The basic procedure is unchanged—it computes root systems of Lie algebras, weight systems and several other properties of irreducible representations, but new features and procedures have been included to allow the extensions to be seamless. The new version of LieART continues to be user friendly. New extended tables of properties, tensor products and branching rules of irreducible representations are included in the supplementary material for use without Mathematica software. LieART 2.0 now includes the branching rules to special subalgebras for all classical and exceptional Lie algebras up to and including rank 15.



Lie Group, Lie Algebra, Representation Theory of Lie Algebras, Computational Physics