Order of Addtion Experiments: five designs and three datasets

Published: 01-01-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8vyvrkd7tk.1
Joseph Voelkel


1. Experimental Designs for order of addition experiments. For details, see Voelkel, J. G. (2017). The design of order-of-addition experiments. arXiv:1701.02786. (Revised version to appear in Journal of Quality Technology). 2. Data sets from 3 order of addition experiments. In these experiments, abbreviations are used to represent the components. The response is log(LSV/HSV), where L and H are Low and High, SV=shear viscosity of the paint being tested. For more information see the anticipated article in 2019 Quality Engineering, by Voelkel and Gallagher.