Experimental dataset for the performance of VRFB cells with flow fields and different electrode compression ratios

Published: 13 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8ww2kxnbzv.2


The data presents charge-discharge life cycle behaviour of the vanadium redox flow battery along with pressure drop measurements at various flow rates and current densities for serpentine flow field and design variants of interdigitated flow fields over the three cell areas 400 cm2, 900 cm2 and 1500 cm2 assembled with different electrode compression ratios (20%, 35%, 50% and 70%). Contents include 12 excel sheets. The raw data recorded in BT-Lab software (Biologic) and Visual LCN software (Bitrode) is exported to excel format. Each operating condition consists three life-cycles and the average of them is presented in the excel sheet from which the other parameters like capacity, energy density and efficiency are calculated. Few excel sheets have original raw data exported from the data recording software and many of the sheets have averaged life cycles and processed data for the electrochemical parameters. [1] Ravendra Gundlapalli, Sreenivas Jayanti, Performance Characteristics of Several Variants of Interdigitated Flow Fields for Flow Battery Applications, Journal of Power Sources [2] Ravendra Gundlapalli, Sreenivas Jayanti, Effect of electrode compression and operating parameters on the performance of large vanadium redox flow battery cells, Journal Power Sources 427 (2019) 231-242



Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Electrochemical Energy Storage