AR simulation for radiographic positioning

Published: 17-07-2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/8xkx8xd7st.4
Shin Nagamata,
Norio Sekine


We focused on learning that improves skills while using students’ physical senses and developed a simulation using augmented reality to teach body positioning for radiography. This simulation allows students to simulate angle placement repeatedly by using both their hands without positioning aids and angle gauges. The simulation was used in radiography practical training and a questionnaire survey was conducted after the class (Layout_&_Rawdata.xlsx). The responses ‘not confident’ and ‘not very confident’ accounted for 71% (χ2 = 7.05, p = 0.008) of a question regarding the students’ perception of their confidence using computer technology (ChisquaredTest.html). All students responded positively to question 1 and questions 3–6 that were regarding learning using the simulation. However, there were a certain number of ‘neither agree nor disagree’ (n = 12, 29%) or ‘disagree’ (n = 2, 5%) responses for question 2. There was no significant correlation between the responses to question 2 and those of students’ computer confidence levels (ρ = −0.03, p = 0.13) (Polychoric_correlation_coefficient.html).