Meta-data about children outcomes of divorce preventive interventions

Published: 10 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8xp3nf6d9n.1
Marta Herrero,


This data base includes the information about the effects of 30 after-divorce intervention studies on children adjustment and the characteristics of these studies. It includes the followinf outcome variables: Children´s psychosocial adjustment, which involves general symptomatology (e.g., depression, behavioral problems, and negative peer relationships), personal resources (e.g., self-esteem and coping) and adaptation to divorce (e.g., divorce adjustment and negative perception of divorce); and family functioning (e.g., interparental conflict and parent-child relationship quality). And the following study characteristics: publication year, sample size, active control, informant, participant, application context, country, number of intervention sessions, duration of the intervention sessions, session type, ethnicity, high education, new parents’ partner, parent’s gender, children’s gender, children’s age stage, time from divorce, custodial parent, incentive for participantion, recruitment context and the random allocation of participants.



Universidad de Deusto


Social Sciences