Source code for Microstructure-based finite-difference analysis of the plastic flow in low-carbon steel

Published: 18 August 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/8xy6vt422z.2
Mikhail Eremin


The uploaded archive represents a source code to reproduce the results of numerical modeling of microstructure-based plastic flow in low-carbon steel.


Steps to reproduce

Generally, for Linux users, you should have installed intel parallel studio, for windows users Microsoft visual studio + integrated parallel studio. Put all files from the archive into one folder. To compile the code in Linux use: mpiifort -O3 ./Main.for To run the code use: mpirun -np 16 ./a.out I used the 16-core workstation on the basis of AMD Threadripper 2950. If you have another processor, please change the sizeZ parameter in the Allocate.h to the number of cores you have. Best wishes, Dr. Eremin P.S. for detailed instructions or any other questions, please, feel free to contact me via email:


Institut fiziki procnosti i materialovedenia SO RAN


Computational Solid Mechanics, Plasticity Theory, Microstructure Modeling, Deformation Microstructures