Data for Application of Different Weighting Schemes and Stochastic Simulations to Parameterization Processes Considering Observation Error: Implications for Climate Change Impact Analysis of Integrated Watershed Models

Published: 6 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8xyspzfwvp.1
Eunhee Lee


Dataset in this repository includes input & output for HydroGeosphere (HGS) and Parameter Estimation (PEST) software package. In the folder A, basic input data to run HGS software and three different sets (Case 1 to Case 3) of PEST input templates(*.pst) are included. Most of HGS inputs used for 3D integrated model construction can be found in 00-Allinput folder and from ‘SB_flow.grok’ file. Inputs/outputs for PEST simulation are located in 01-flow-sim_w_Dam_PEST/00-00-PEST folder. In each pst file, weights for observation matrix based on the different weighting schemes were displayed along with other information required for PEST simulation. The outputs of PEST simulation for each test case (*.rec) can be found at the same folder as well. In the folder B, 100 cases of PEST input for the stochastic simulations are included and the output for the PEST simulation is summarized in the attached excel file. In the folder C, inputs and output for RCP predictions are summarized. All data used for the figures in the manuscript are included in the repository. To perform the simulations and visualize their results, several executables (GROK.EXE, pHGS.EXE, and HSPLOT.EXE, PEST.EXE) are required. Any additional details can be obtained from the first author (Eunhee Lee) and the software developers ( &


Steps to reproduce

A data file is first prepared for the pre-processor (grok.exe) and the pre-processed inputs were used to run HGS and generate output file (PHGS.exe & hsplot.exe). Basic input data set for the HGS software can be found at the folder A.


Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources


Hydrology, Groundwater, Hydrogeology, Numerical Modeling