Published Journal of Studies in Islam and Psychology; No. 26

Published: 12 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8y4ws3tzk3.1
Journal of Studies in Islam and Psychology


The journal is set to publish original articles on a wide range of issues including; The philosophy of psychology with a critical outlook from the perspective of Islam; The uses of psychology in the service of the Islamic society and its needs; The formation of psychology in the Islamic society; Psychological analysis of Islamic concepts in areas such as: 1. Anthropology, such as: banned, impatience, hasty, captious, pious, faithful; 2. Belief, such as: God, resurrection, Imamate, intercession, Paradise, Hell and ...; 3. Value, such as: repentance, trust, self-esteem, mental relaxation, grief, fear; 4. Practical instructions of Islam, such as: qisas (retaliation), prayers, inheritance, hajj, khums (one fifth); Study of psychological findings from Islamic perspective in terms of critique, confirmation and completion, alternative presentation, presentation of new theory;



Research Institute of Hawzah and University


Psychology, Islam, Philosophy of Psychology