Affect after team and individual exercise form

Published: 13 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8yyfcm777k.1
Attila Szabo Dr.


Research on 120 exercisers involved in team (60) and individual (60) exercises. We measured affect before and after an equal bout of exercise session. While apart exhaustion, positive affective states increased after individual exercise, they decreased after team exercises. These results indicate that the different attentional/mental processes during the exercise session determine the affect experienced after exercise. If one aims to feel better after exercise, individual forms of workout may be more beneficial than team exercises.


Steps to reproduce

Select random or randomized sample of individual and team exercise participants. Give them the Exercise-induced feelings inventory (EFI) ( before and after a 90 minute exercise bout. Analyze the data with multivariate repeated measures analysis of variance using the four sub-scale of the EFI (positive engagement, revitalization, tranquillity, and exhaustion).


Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem


Psychology, Sport